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Xalé, les blessures de l'enfance (Xale)

Cinema fiction, by Moussa SENE ABSA (Senegal)

Set Bet Set Production (Senegal)

90 minutes

The cruel story of a young girl who became a woman too early.

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"Moussa Sene Absa’s powerful film, which unfolds across two time frames, details the fallout of a devastating incident, sensitively conveying the pain and guilt that can fester within us.
Awa and Adama are 15-year-old siblings living in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Dakar. Awa, bright and intelligent, excels at school. Adama prefers to sell trinkets on the street and has his eyes set upon the precarious journey across water to Europe. Following the death of their grandmother, the children stay with their uncle Atoumane, who is arranged to be married to their cousin Fatou. But she has no feelings for Atoumane and her rejection of him catalyses an act of violence that tears the family apart. Ten years later, Atoumane returns to the village, where there is a sense of trepidation, particularly felt by Awa, whose life was irrevocably altered by him. Moussa Sène Absa’s tragic thriller, which receives its world premiere at the LFF, is a stark portrait of the hardships many women face in Senegal."

(Keith Shiri for BFI London Film Festival, 2022 – read more here )


BFI London FF - Selected in the DARE section
Mill Valley FF - US Première
Carthago Cinema Days (JCC Tunis, 2022) - Best Actress Award
Fespaco 2023: UEMOA price, in fiction feature film category + 1 other award

Film fact sheet

Title Xalé, les blessures de l'enfance
Category cinema fiction
Duration 90 minutes
Director Moussa SENE ABSA
Scriptwriter Moussa SENE ABSA
Producer in charge Set Bet Set Production
Coproducers Les films du Continent
(Ivory Coast)
Canal + International
Distribution Fhqh Pbaarkvba
Pre-sales Pnany + Vagreangvbany
Festivals Journées cinématographiques de Carthage
Festival du film de Londres

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