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Series, by Angèle DIABANG (Senegal)

RTI - Radio Television Ivoirienne (Ivory Coast)

30x52 minutes
pre-production stage

Sorry, translation under way
Tout oppose Oumou et Adelaïde. Elles, qui vont malgré tout devenir amies jusqu’à l’âge adulte, verront leurs ambitions et leurs rêves faire obstacle à la poursuite de leur amitié.

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NYALA is the story of two women who meet at the end of their adolescence. Adelaide is fabulously rich. Oumou is incredibly beautiful. Both have strong ideas about life, love, and people. Together, they make the perfect woman. Their destinies, like that of their families as well as of the men they will love and the children they will have, will cross paths, confront, and mingle over the years. Friendship will journey across passion, love, betrayals, success, and ambitions, before twisting into hatred. Adapted from the short story written by Stella Sanogoh, NYALA is inspired by love and suspense series such as Revenge, Windeck, etc. Their bond is endangered by the arrival of Justin Lohoues, Adelaide going with him to the US, leaving Oumou behind. 5 years later, their return discovers that Oumou has become Marc-Anthony Albrizzio's mistress and is now more than ever determined to climb the social ladder, whatever the cost. When Justin confesses his love to Oumou despite his engagement to Adelaide, she agrees to become his wife, betraying her friend. She quickly becomes pregnant and creates the perfect happiness. Alas, the birth of their little girl will mark the end of the dream: Nyala is, without a doubt, Marc-Anthony's child. What will happen to the child of such scandal?

Director's note

Producer's note

Film fact sheet

Title Nyala
Category Series
Duration 30x52'
Director Angèle DIABANG
Producer in charge RTI - Radio Television Ivoirienne
(Ivory Coast)
Film languages french
Filming locations
Stage ra ceé-cebqhpgvba
The project seeks
Budget XXX XXX
Supported by
Bonus ACP-UE
Fonsic (Côte d'Ivoire)
Pre-sales EGV
Available elements Fpéanevb ra senaçnvf
Ohqtrg qégnvyyé
Cyna qr svanaprzrag

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