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Katanga, Roi Soleil

Cinema fiction, by Dani KOUYATE (Burkina Faso, France)

Sahelis productions (Burkina Faso)

90 minutes

An African Macbeth, or the long descent into hell of a tyrant, from power intoxication to despair of loneliness ...

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Directly inspired by William Shakespeare, "KATANGA, ROI SOLEIL" is a free adaptation of Macbeth transposed in Africa and deals naturally with the thirst for power which takes precedence over the duty to guide, the impasse that constitutes the way of tyranny, the weight of guilt and remorse that always end up gnawing tyrants in their solitude. If Katanga has values, his scrupulousness, remorse and gradually the bolts jump out one after the other, in the course of his crimes, until his irreversible loss. Katanga sinks into evil, driven by the thirst for power, while his wife gradually sinks into madness.

Film fact sheet

Title Katanga, Roi Soleil
Category cinema fiction
Duration 90 minutes
Director Dani KOUYATE
(Burkina Faso, France)
Scriptwriter Dani KOUYATE
(Burkina Faso, France)
Producer in charge Sahelis productions
(Burkina Faso)
Coproducers Karoninka
Alice Film
Film languages mooré (Burkina Faso)

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