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Al Djanat

Documentary, by Chloé Aïcha BORO (Burkina Faso, France)

Les Films de l'Œil Sauvage (France)

90 minutes

A large religious family is being torn apart because of real property, which raises serious questions on transmission, identity and justice.

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Al Djanat (paradise lost) narrates a family crisis situation in Burkina Faso. The death of my uncle, patriarch, religious authority and guarantor of Islamic teachings, leads to a court case in Western styled courts about inheritance, thus breaking a secular tradition of oral transmissions. My family is not an isolated case as a victim of conflicts centered on property. The media talk of a « social bomb » brooding in West Africa. The court house was burned during a mob uprising denouncing modern justice inspired by the French system. The future of an emblematic family, of an entire society, now depends on what is happening in our courtyard. Tongues are wagging and points of view clash, right onto the trial. During this contentious period in which Western modernism is transforming our identity, family ties, social structures and religious codes, what relationship do we have with our heritage?


Fespaco 2023: UEMOA AWARD for Best African Documentary
Ababacar Samb Makharam Award of The City of Ouagadougou

Film fact sheet

Title Al Djanat
Paradis originel
Category documentary
Duration 90 minutes
Director Chloé Aïcha BORO
(Burkina Faso, France)
Scriptwriter Chloé Aïcha BORO
(Burkina Faso, France)
Producer in charge Les Films de l'Œil Sauvage
Productions Métissées
(Burkina Faso)
Pre-sales Pnany + Nsevdhr

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