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Specters of Alhoot

Cinema fiction, by Ahmad MAHMOUD (Sudan)

DialektikFilms (Sudan)

90 minutes
pre-production stage

Request for accreditation


Set against the backdrop of the Sudanese civil war between the Islamic Arab government in the North and the predominantly Christian African rebels in the South, Specters of Alhoot is a tragicomedy and coming of age story about three best friends and aspiring rappers who must escape from military boot camp when legendary singer Mahmoud Abdelaziz invites them to perform with him.

Abdo, Ali, and Salah are brought together by a strong desire to stand out, expressed in the way they dress, the way they talk and especially in the music they embrace. They are avid fans of American hip hop artist Tupac Shakur. They share an unrealistic dream of moving to America and becoming famous rappers.

We first meet them on the last day of school, when they set off on a mission that spans over the three cities that make the capital Khartoum in order for them to attend a secret party and celebrate their final days before they must enlist for mandatory military training.

Police raid the party and the boys end up spending the night in a cell with a mysterious young man who gives them a cassette tape of Mahmoud Abdelaziz. The tape inspires them to make their own song, which they finish just before camp starts.

Once at the camp, the boys must confront questions they always ignored, questions about home, identity and friendship. And when offered the opportunity to perform alongside Mahmoud Abdelaziz himself, they must escape from the camp, a mission that proves to be just as hard as escaping the larger camp that is Sudan.

Specters of Alhoot is an exploration of the dreams, the desire to belong, and the resistance of young people against the absurdity of militarization.

Director's note

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Producer's note

Film fact sheet

Title Specters of Alhoot
Spectre d'Alhoot
Category cinema fiction
Duration 90 minutes
Director Ahmad MAHMOUD
Producer in charge DialektikFilms
Film languages arabic
Filming locations Fhqna
Stage ra ceé-cebqhpgvba
The project seeks Svanaprzrag
Budget XXX XXX
Secured funding X XXX
Available elements Abgr qr y'nhgrhe

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