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Mon coeur bat dans ma tête

Series, by Sorel Léonel Mahugnon AGBODEMAKOU (Benin) , Lucrèce D'ALMEIDA (Benin)


x52 minutes
development stage

Two hardworking policemen living together as a couple and still grieving the loss of their daughter are quarantined to the countryside. 5 years later, a dead girl’s body is found in a gutter in the town of Datcha. Convinced there is a link between this case and the disappearance of their daughter, they decide to settle in this small town surrounded by hills. Their determination to solve this case of homicide will lead them to unveil unsuspected, secret and mystical criminals.

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Angélique (40) and Antoine (43) form a couple of police officers with a glorious past. They are recognized for their professionalism and their bravery. Heavily affected by the kidnapping of their only daughter Yeleen (13), they fall into professional disgrace. They are then assigned to the small town of DATCHA in the middle of the hills. But far from being a haven of peace, DATCHA becomes the scene of a series of homicides. In season one, it is the body of Ahouéfa Sènandé, a young teenager who is a few weeks pregnant, which is found in a gutter. The victim reminds the two investigators of their missing daughter Cica. This murder revives painful memories and tensions within the couple. In charge of the investigation, they identify several suspects and end up finding the culprit. But the homicides continue. The clues fit together like puzzle pieces and guide the two police officers towards a secret organization.

Director's note

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Producer's note

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Film fact sheet

Title Mon coeur bat dans ma tête
Category Series
Duration x52'
Director Sorel Léonel Mahugnon AGBODEMAKOU
Scriptwriter Sorel Léonel Mahugnon AGBODEMAKOU
Showrunner Sorel Léonel Mahugnon AGBODEMAKOU
Producer in charge TINWE FILMS
Coproducers New Direction Films
Film languages fon
Filming locations Orava
Stage ra qéirybccrzrag
The project seeks Svanaprzrag
Supported by
Prager angvbany qh pvaézn rg qr y'vzntr navzér
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Sbaqf Vzntr qr yn Senapbcubavr (BVS)
Available elements Abgr qr y'nhgrhe
Abgr qh cebqhpgrhe
Fpéanevb ra senaçnvf
Ovoyr féevr ra senaçnvf
Ohqtrg qégnvyyé
Cyna qr svanaprzrag
Cvgpu ivqéb
Zbbqobneq / Cbfgre
Tnyrevr Cubgb
Yvraf svyzf ceépéqragf

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