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78 African, Caribbean and Pacific projects looking for partners:

78  projects to read through:
36 fictions (of which 6 short films), 21 documentaries, 21 series and 11  films / series animation titles ;
43  West African projects, 20  from Central Africa, 9  from East Africa & Indian Ocean, 1  Pacific, 6  Caribbean ;
27  development stage, 33  in production, 17  in post-production or completed ;
30  first or second works, 13  low budget titles, 32  directed by women.

All these projects have passed through the selection of OIF (Francophony) and / or Fonsic (Ivory Coast) film commissions and most of them already gained a grant from Clap ACP (Europen Union & Organization of ACP States).

DIMANCHE A BAMAKO broadcast throughout Africa as of September 5

The Show by Toumani Snagare will be aired on the panafrican alll-series channel of the Canal+ Group, starting September 5.


LE FARDEAU at the Venice Film Festival

The documentary LE FARDEAU by director Elvis Sabin NGAÏBINO is one of the 8 films selected for the Final Cut post-production workshop. During this workshop, 100,000 euros in cash and industry grants will be distributed (including an IOF-ACP-EU Prize of 5,000 €).



Dedicated to films in the final phases of development and funding, and organised within Venice Production Bridge, the Venice Gap-Financing Market has announced the 63 projects selected. The project OR DE VIE by filmmaker-director Boubakar Sangaré has been shortlisted to participate in the ninth edition of the event,which is scheduled for 2 – 4 September during the 79th Venice International Film Festivall. OR DE VIE is a documentary about child labour and the psycho-social evolution of children in the gold panning sites of Burkina Faso (awarded by the Aide au Cinéma du Monde (CNC).


AKWANINA, on the way to Martinique !

After shooting the first part of Akwanina in Ivory Coast, producer Pierre Laba and his team arrived in Martinique to shoot the second part.


Aïcha Boro at the Grand Nord workshop

Invited by the OIF (Clap ACP), the filmmaker and novelist Aicha Boro took part in the prestigious Grand Nord workshop (Canada) to work on the script of her fiction project “President Baba”. For 10 days she exchanged with mentors and scriptwriters from Canada, Belgium, France, etc. residence-grand-nord-invitee-par-l-oif-clap-acp-pour-son-premier-long- metrage-de-fiction


KINAFO selected at Durban FilmMart

Adja Mariama Soro’s project kinafo has been selected by the Durban FilmMart among the projects supported by OIF to participate int the Pitch & Finance Forum, the most important “-production market on the continent. partenaires-du-durban-filmmart-l-un-des-projets-ouicoprod-parmi-les- laureats-2022


Producer of RUE DORVAL selected at Lacarno (2022).

Haitian producer Gilbert Mirambeau (Muska Film) is among the winners (emerging creative producers) selected for the prestigious Open Doors Lab. A tailor-made training workshop focusing on the role of the creative producer, providing tools and know-how to approach the international market. partenaires-d-open-doors-le-programme-de-coproduction-du-festival-de- locarno-dedie-pour-3-ans-aux-producteurs-de-la-caraibe-et-d-amerique- latine


New fiction project on OuiCoprod : BANEL & ADAMA

Screenwriter and director Ramata TOULAYE-SY receives a production grant of 80.000 € (of which 40.000 € ACP-EU bonus) from the Fonds Image de la Francophonie. “Banel & Adama” is the debut feature fiction of the filmmaker, prized at Toronto ’21 for her first short ASTEL.


New series project on OuiCoprod : Ô BATANGA

Producer and director Alex Ogou receives a production grant of 80,000 € (of which 40,000 € ACP-EU bonus) from the Fonds Image de la Francophonie for “Ô Batanga” , a police series that will be shot in Ivory coast.


New series project on OuiCoprod : LAKANTANE

Producer and director Angèle Diabang receives production grant of 80,000 € (of which 40,000 € ACP-EU bonus) from the Fonds Image de la Francophonie. The series LAKANTANE (“JellyFish” in wolof) will be shot in Saint-Louis (Sénégal).


New animation project on OuiCoprod: KINAFO

Producer, screenwriter and director Adja Soro receives a development grant of 8.000€ from the Fonds Image de la Francophonie for her a 2D animation feature film (previously selected by Groupe Ouest lad NEF residencies).


SANDMAN new fiction project on OuiCoprod

Director Awa Moctar GUEYE receives production grant of 6.000 from the Fonds Image de la Francophonie for her new project Sandman, a fantasy short-film which to be shot in Senegal next Summer.


LES 5 FOIS OÚ J'AI VU MON PÈRE, new fiction project on OuiCoprod

Theater director and writer Guy Regis Junior receives a development grant of 8.000 € from OIF for his animated feature film.


BENIMANA receives production grant by OIF

Benimana, the first feature fiction by Marie-Clémentine Dusabejambo receives production grant of 80.000€ (of which 40.000 € ACP-EU bonus) at the 1st session of the cinema-fiction commission - May 2022 from the Fonds Image de la Francophonie. Benimana had


L'OUBLI TUE DEUX FOIS receives post-production grant by OIF

Haitian director Pierre-Michel Jean receives grant of 15.000 € for post-production. His project had already received production support in 2020 (75 k€ of which 50k€ ACP-EU bonus).


COME SUNRISE WE SHALL RISE takes NBO FILM FEST Writer's Prize in Nairobi


FADED will be at VDR-Pitching in Nyon (Switzerland)

The 1st feature doc by Mauritius's Paemla Edouard is selected among the 16 projetcs that wil be pitched at Visions du Réel near Geneva on April 13th. Only African project with South-African Teboho Edkins. VDR-Pitching is one of the most reputed coproduction & finance forum worldwide.


TAAMADEN selected at Visions du Réel FF in Switzerland

After premiering at IDFA-Amsterdam last year, Main Seydou Cissé's first feature docwas selected in the Latitudes section at Visions du Réel, one of the most reputed documentary festivals in Europe. Official screening April 10th.


DJELIYA was selected for La Fabrique de Cinéma 2022 in Cannes

Boubacar Sangaré's documentary will be among the lucky ten (only documentary) of the prestigious coproduction workshop organised by the French Institute at the Cinémas du Monde Pavilion in Cannes FF. Only documentary amongst the 10.


BENIMANA selected at La Fabrique de Cinéma in Cannes 2022

The first feature fiction by Marie-Clémentine Dusbejambo, who received a development grant by OIF and a production grant by the Fonds Jeune création francophone, was selected as one of the 10 projects that will attend the coproduction workshop organized by the French Institute at its Cinémas du Monde Pavilion in Cannes. The OIF is a founding partner of La Fabrique.


DJELIYA receives development grant from HotDocs Blue Ice Documentary fund

The jury of the prestigious Toronto-based fund (Julian Carrington, Olena Decock, Industry, Naziha Arebi, Reda Benjelloun, Toni Kamau, Mbithi Masya, Magdalene Reddy, Rama Thiaw) awarded a develoment grant to Boubacar Sangaré' second feature.


WE, STUDENTS! sweeps two prizes at Cinéma du Réel 2022 in Paris

A month afer premiering at Berlinale Panorama, Rafiki Fariala's first feature receives the Jury's Special mention and the Libraries Award at Paris-based Cinéma du Réeel FF.


New documentary project on OuiCoprod : DEJLIYA, Memory of Mandingo par Boubacar Sangaré (Burkina Faso)

OuicCoprod is partnering with 10 African Funds and will host ONE project from each country in 2022. The project chosen amongst the grantees of the FDCT (National film fund of Burkina Faso) is DJELIYA , the second film of a promising filmmaker, which follows the mystical journey throughout West Africa of a wannabe "griot" (African story-teller / oral historian). The project is starting its fundraising and is open to coproducers of Africa, Europe and the World. Early footage available.


"We, Students!" premieres in Berlin

The documentary (1st film) directed by rapper Rafiki Fariala, 23, has its world premiere on 11/02/22 in the Panorama section of the Berlinale. Produced by Makongo Films (Elvis Sabin Ngaibino, Boris Lojkine, Daniele Incalcaterra).


LES 3 LASCARS : 60.000+ tickets sold in African cinemas

Boubakar Diallo's comedy is abox-office hit in 12 French-speaking African countries


A ROOSTER ON A FIRE ESCAPE supported by Paris Region Film Fund

The feature fiction by Guetty Felin (Haiti) gets 92.000 € from Paris Region. It already had the prestigious Aide au Cinéma du Monde (CNC) and the highest ever grant from the OIF (180.000 € of which 120.000 € de Bonus ACP-UE).


BANGUI UNITE SPECIALE : the second shooting starts

The first-ever TV series produced in the Central African Republic, directed by Elvire ADJAMONSI (Benin), is back on shooting, after 3 first 52'-episodes were completed in 2021.


Djagassa hits Canal Olympia screens in West Africa

The thriller by Hyacinthe Hounsou (Côte d'Ivoire) released today January 28 in Canal Olympia. Still running in festivals too (CinéDroit-Libre Abidjan &Ouagadougou, Festival International du Film des Lacs et Lagunes, Festival Mashakiri Kigali..)


DIMANCHE A BAMAKO : the shoot is over (150 days!) and 26 episodes of 52 are completed

The TV-series by Toumani & Emma SANGARE will soon finish its post-production, broadcast planned on CANAL+Afrique in 2022.


REGARDER LES ETOILES : 70.000 € in post-production grants

The second feature fiction by David Constantin (Mauritius), that already won the Yennenga Production -Nour Eddine Saïl Grand Prize at Fespaco (50.000 €), gets a 20.000 € post-production award from Fonds Jeune Création Francophone.


BOMB BAY gets CNC's Aide au Cinéma du monde and 3rd ACP-EU bonus

BOMB BAY (SITABAOMBA) byNantenaina Lova (Madagascar) received the Aide au Cinéma du Monde on November 17, plus a 100% top-up, the ACP-Deental Bonus. The project had already obtained the ACP Bonus on top of the grants awarded by OIF in 2020 and Berlin WCF in 2021. It's the first and so far only project that succeeded in receiving 3 ACP bonuses from 3 different funds.


MAMI WATA, first ever supernatural TV "Canal+Original" TV series from Africa

The 8x52' dshow by Gabonese Samantha BIFFOT will be screened on Canal + Première en Afrique Starting Novembre 15, 2021.


LA GROTTE DE SIRA receives the highest-ever grant by the World Cinema Fund (Berlin)

The new feature fiction by Apolline Traoré (Burkina Faso) receives 117.000 € from WCF (of which 78.000 € ACP-UE bonus).


LE LION DE LA TERANGA selected at the French-Speaking Coproduction Encounters in Brussels

Rwandan director Joel KAREKEZI's third feature will be one of the only two African films amongst 22 projects in the 17th edition of the prestigious gathering of producers (150), mainly from Belgium, Canada, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland.


MAMI WATA selected at the French-Speaking Coproduction Encounters in Brussels

The first feature fiction film by Chad's Askia TRAORE will be one of the only two African films amongst 22 projects in the 17th edition of the prestigious gathering of producers (150), mainly from Belgium, Canada, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland.


THE LAST SHELTER gets the Silver Tanit in Carthago (JCC)

The feature documentary by Ousmane Samassekou (Mali), forgotten by the Fespaco jurors, takes the silver between two Palestinian documentaries at the JCC located in Carthago (Tunisia).


BOMB BAY gets 2 awards at the Takmil post-prod workshop in Carthago

BOMB BAY (SITABAOMBA) byNantenaina Lova (Madagascar) got 2 out of 6 axards given at Takmil, th epost-production workshop of the Carthago Cinema Days (JCC, Tunisia) : the Cedars Art Production- Sabbah Brothers Award ($10,000) and the Charbon Studio Prize ($7,000 in kind).


REGARDER LES ETOILES wins the 1st post-production workshop in Fespaco

The second feature fiction by David Constantin (Mauritius), wins the Nour Eddine Saïl Grand Prize at Fespaco (50.000 €), at the first Yennenga Post-production workshop organized by Fespaco in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).


Mami Wata 2nd-best TV Series at Fespaco

The supernatural TV Series by Samantha BIFFOT gets the silver at Fespaco, where her first series L'OEIL DE LA CITE had won the gold in 2013, when she was 27.


LES FRESQUES DES OUBLIES selected at the SorFond pitching session



AKWANINA : successful casting in Martinique and Côte d'Ivoire

The 52x26' production by Martinica-borned, Abidjan-based Pierre Laba will be the first one with a half African / half Caribbean cast eand targeting audiences on three different continents, and especially the two disporas living in Europe.


THE LAST SHELTER premieres in CPH DOX (Denmark) and receives main award

Great move for Ousmane Samassékou's feature documentary : not only its world premiere took place in one of the greatest spots of the documentary world circuit , but it won the main prize.


THE VANISHING gets the main award at VDR film festival

The 3rd documentary project by Senegalese-Mauritanian Rama THIAW receives the Visions Sud-Est Award, the main one at Visions du Réel Documentary Film festival in Nyon, Switzerland.


Africa, Caribbean & Pacific in front-row

« A-C-P »: never had these 3 regions displayed that much creativity on screen and never had they been so greeted, in festivals, on platforms, by audiences. The emergence of these new talents is fostered by new support mechanisms: film funds in a dozen of African countries, stronger efforts form traditional funders like Francophony (OIF), European Union (EU) or the Organization of ACP States (OACPS). Nevertheless, it remains more difficult to start and complete a film when you are a filmmaker or producer in Haiti, Chad or Vanuatu – and more so in 2020-21 when networking opportunities in festivals & markets were divided by ten. OuiCoprod is a professional platform implemented by several public support funds to facilitate talks between ACP film & series producers and their partners all over the world: production houses, agents & distributors, festivals & TV/platforms, sponsors & advertisers, technical & artistic partners.

Selected, pre-financed projects

The few dozens of fictions, documentaries and series presented on OuiCoprod were all picked by very selective commissions, among 400 applications examined in 2020-21; three quarters of them count with at least one grant awarded by OIF, Fonsic (Ivory Coast), EU and ACP.
Professionals looking for new projects, or completed works from ACP countries will therefore find here a selection of the most solid on the market, artistically or production-wise.
They will be able to receive advice from « the experts » that make OuiCoprod a lively tool more than a digital window - Initiative Film for cinema fictions, the Yaoundé Film Lab for documentaries, DISCOP AFRICA for TV series & fictions – who will know best what project will best suit their search. Ask now for PRO ACCESS and start reading through the confidential artistic & production data of all projects.