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OuiCoprod was made for you.
To facilitate your connection with producers from the ACP Countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) looking for partners.

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89 African, Caribbean and Pacific projects looking for partners:

89  projects to read through:
45 fictions (of which 6 short films), 22 documentaries, 22 series and 11  films / series animation titles ;
48  West African projects, 27  from Central Africa, 10  from East Africa & Indian Ocean, 1  from Southern Africa, 1  Pacific, 7  Caribbean ;
27  development stage, 24  in production, 11  in post-production, 26  terminés ;
31  first or second works, 15  low budget titles, 35  directed by women.

All these projects have passed through the selection of OIF (Francophony) and / or Fonsic (Ivory Coast) film commissions and most of them already gained a grant from Clap ACP (Europen Union & Organization of ACP States).

Banel & Adama in Official Competition at Cannes !

Ramata Toulaye-Sy's film is the only debut feature in the Competition.



Mambar Pierrette at Cannes 2023

World premiere on Sunday, May 21 at the Directors' Fortnight.



Mboa Matanda at Cannes 2023 Short Film Corner

Director Jules Eyango and producer Francis Leudjeu are expected to attend Cannes from May 21-24, 2023.



Kinafo's director-producer Adja Soro will be in Cannes

Animation producer Adja Soro from Côte d'Ivoire was selected by the French CNC (ACP Deental Program) and will be present in Cannes throughout the festival.



Documentary, by Mama KEITA (Guinée)

90 minutes


Black Madonna (The)

Cinema fiction, by Michelle Serieux (Sainte-Lucie)

80 minutes


Specters of Alhoot

Cinema fiction, by Ahmad MAHMOUD (Soudan)

90 minutes


Cinema fiction, by Nabih DAY (Madagascar) Benjamin Guéniot (France)

90 minutes


Africa, Caribbean & Pacific in front-row

« A-C-P »: never had these 3 regions displayed that much creativity on screen and never had they been so greeted, in festivals, on platforms, by audiences. The emergence of these new talents is fostered by new support mechanisms: film funds in a dozen of African countries, stronger efforts form traditional funders like Francophony (OIF), European Union (EU) or the Organization of ACP States (OACPS). Nevertheless, it remains more difficult to start and complete a film when you are a filmmaker or producer in Haiti, Chad or Vanuatu – and more so in 2020-21 when networking opportunities in festivals & markets were divided by ten. OuiCoprod is a professional platform implemented by several public support funds to facilitate talks between ACP film & series producers and their partners all over the world: production houses, agents & distributors, festivals & TV/platforms, sponsors & advertisers, technical & artistic partners.

Selected, pre-financed projects

The few dozens of fictions, documentaries and series presented on OuiCoprod were all picked by very selective commissions, among 400 applications examined in 2020-21; three quarters of them count with at least one grant awarded by OIF, Fonsic (Ivory Coast), EU and ACP.
Professionals looking for new projects, or completed works from ACP countries will therefore find here a selection of the most solid on the market, artistically or production-wise.
They will be able to receive advice from « the experts » that make OuiCoprod a lively tool more than a digital window - Initiative Film for cinema fictions, the Yaoundé Film Lab for documentaries, DISCOP AFRICA for TV series & fictions – who will know best what project will best suit their search. Ask now for PRO ACCESS and start reading through the confidential artistic & production data of all projects.