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Rafiki Fariala

Born 1997


Born on november 17, 1997 in Uvira, Kivu (DRC), of Congolese parents, Fariala Alolea Albert (aka Rafiki Fariala) arrived early in the Central African Republic, where his parents took refuge because of the war. He studied at Padre Pio Catholic School (2006-2009), at the seminary Enfant Jésus des Pères Carmes Déchaux (2010-2013), then at Lycée d’Application de l’École normale Supérieure de Bangui (2013-2016), where he received his Baccalauréat. At the seminary, he directs the choir and develops his voice. Later, he falls in love with the music of Makoma, a religious group. Entirely self-taught, he starts composing music. In 2013, under the pseudonym RAFIKI - RH20, he records his first piece Why war? which becomes a hit. In 2017, he is selected among 150 candidates to take part in the documentary workshop organised in Bangui by Ateliers Varan. At the end of the workshop, he directs his first film, Mbi na Mo (You and Me). The film is selected at the Lausanne, Montréal, St Denis and Lille festivals, and at the Biarritz FIPADOC.


    Director, Scriptwriter, documentary, 90 minutes, completed
    Director, Scriptwriter, cinema fiction, 100 minutes, development stage