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Come Sunrise We Shall Rule

Cinema fiction, by Nyasha Kadandara (Zimbabwe)

LBX Africa (Kenya)

90 minutes
writing stage

A disempowered but ambitious teenage girl living in colonial Zimbabwe is desperate to contribute to her country’s liberation, but from the moment she becomes an informant for the resistance, she quickly realizes the regime is not her only enemy.

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In 1975, when 18-year old Ruth imagined a country free of oppression, she could have never fathomed a Zimbabwe that would abuse its own, expel its brightest, and relegate women to second-class citizens.
In 2017, standing in a crowd during a military coup to oust dictator Robert Mugabe, Ruth bumps into her childhood best friend Jack and is forced to revisit her past with nostalgia and bitterness.
Teenage Ruth’s quest to become a freedom fighter is sparked by a love for country and a desire to defy societal expectations of what a girl could be and do. She becomes an informant in a shebeen, but her plans go awry and she finds herself in a training camp, across the border in newly liberated Mozambique. All her
beliefs are put to the test as the African society she was born into goes on to propagate the men of the movement while neglecting Ruth and the women cadres who birthed the nation.
While oscillating between the height of the liberation movement in the 1970s, and the dismal present in 2017, Ruth and Jack contemplate what it means to be Zimbabwean and to be free, not just as an African but as a black woman.

Director's note

Producer's note

Film fact sheet

Title Come Sunrise We Shall Rule
Category cinema fiction
Duration 90 minutes
Director Nyasha Kadandara
Scriptwriter Nyasha Kadandara
Producer in charge LBX Africa
Film languages english
First or second film Cerzvre Svyz
Filming locations Natbyn
Stage ra épevgher
The project seeks Svanaprzrag
Budget XXX XXX
Budget sought XXX-XXX x€
Supported by
Festivals Durban Filmart
Available elements Fpéanevb ra natynvf
Cvgpu ivqéb
Fgbelobneq / Ybbxobbx
Yvraf svyzf ceépéqragf

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