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Les Fresques des oubliés

Cinema fiction, by Amédée Pacôme NKOULOU (Gabon)

Pas comme les autres films (Gabon)

90 minutes
writing stage

Sorry, translation under way
Et si la peinture sur les murs, la nuit, pouvait renverser les dictatures ?

Request for accreditation


Somewhere in Africa, Kinga, a young street artist who is a political opponent to the regime, comes out of jail after being tortured for months because of a caricature he draw. Shattered and with a broken hand, Kinga finds consolation thanks to Makoto, an old artist who paints over and over the walls of the city every day, even though agents of the regime erase his art every night. One day, Makoto tells him the story of the mysterious unachieved frescos by the forgotten ones, an old urban tale that claims the person who will finish them will free the country. While Kinga recovers and reconnects to society, he becomes obsessed with the search of these frescos, hoping to finish them.

Director's note

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Producer's note

Frys-cebqhprq svyz va frnepu bs pb-cebqhpgvba. Frys-cebqhprq svyz va frnepu bs pb-cebqhpgvba. Gur svyz unf orra fryrpgrq ng Yn Snoevdhr qr Pvaézn va Pnaarf naq ng Fbe Sbaq va Abejnl

Film fact sheet

Title Les Fresques des oubliés
Category cinema fiction
Duration 90 minutes
Director Amédée Pacôme NKOULOU
Scriptwriter Amédée Pacôme NKOULOU
Producer in charge Pas comme les autres films
Film languages french
First or second film Cerzvre Svyz
Filming locations Vibel Pbnfg
Stage ra épevgher
The project seeks Svanaprzrag
Supported by
Available elements Abgr qr y'nhgrhe
Abgr qh cebqhpgrhe

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