Series, by Chloé Aïcha BORO (Burkina Faso, France)

Productions Métissées (Burkina Faso)

8x45 minutes
writing phase

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This project is also developed as a feature film under the title of "President Baba"

January 3, 1966: A popular uprising occurs in Ouagadougou, former capital of Upper Volta. The population is exhausted by the excesses of the regime in place. But above all, the ethnic origin of the president, awkwardly installed after independence by the colonial metropolis, becomes a problem. A huge crowd out in a context of insurgency demands the president's departure. A man manages to contain the chaos and thus finds himself President without having anticipated or wanting it. This man is Lamizana. An honest man, he will learn that the power is to be shared with France via the Protocol which obstructs Lamizana's decisions when they do not correspond to the aspirations of Paris. Romance blooms between the president's daughter and the son of Protocol while the palace becomes the scene of a dangerous conspiracy.

Director's note

Producer's note

Film fact sheet

Title Tirailleur
Category Series
Duration 8x45'
Director Chloé Aïcha BORO
(Burkina Faso, France)
Scriptwriter Chloé Aïcha BORO
(Burkina Faso, France)
Producer in charge Productions Métissées
(Burkina Faso)
Film languages french
Filming locations Ohexvan Snfb
Stage ra épevgher
The project seeks
Budget X
Available elements

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