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Cinema fiction, by Machérie EKWA BAHANGO (DRC)


120 minutes
writing stage

The journey of a mother struggling to keep her children safe. But how to remain united in a country tearing itself apart in its struggle for democracy?

Request for accreditation


1997, in the Republic of Zaire, in the midst of the severe economic and political crisis affecting the country, the Bakwa family in Kisangani breaks down. Jean, the father whose business is completely bankrupt, travels abroad in search for means of survival ; Hélèna, the mother, who remained in Kisangani with some of the children hoping that the situation would improve, multiplies efforts to reorganize their lives and make up for the father's absence. Her hopes get shattered when the AFDL (the rebellion) war breaks out in the East and advances very rapidly towards Kisangani. The danger looming over her and her six children is so great that she decides to flee the city to return to the capital Kinshasa. But by the time their escape is sorted out, the city is already under siege. A last boat is about to leave the city, Hélèna gives everything to get a seat on it with her children, but this boat soon becomes a target to the rebels.

Director's note

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Producer's note


Film fact sheet

Title Zaïria
Category cinema fiction
Duration 120 minutes
Director Machérie EKWA BAHANGO
Scriptwriter Machérie EKWA BAHANGO
Producer in charge CL1 D'OEIL STUDIO
Coproducers Tosala Films
Film languages french
First or second film Qrhkvèzr Svyz
Filming locations QEP
Stage ra épevgher
The project seeks Svanaprzrag
Budget X XXX XXX
Supported by
Fonds Jeune Création Francophone (France)
Festivals Ateliers de l'Atlas (Marrakech Atlas workshop)
Cinéfondation Paris
Available elements Abgr qr y'nhgrhe
Abgr qh cebqhpgrhe
Fpéanevb ra senaçnvf
Fpéanevb ra natynvf
Ohqtrg qégnvyyé
Cyna qr svanaprzrag
Cvgpu ivqéb
Zbbqobneq / Cbfgre
Yvraf svyzf ceépéqragf

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