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Regarde les étoiles ( Simin Zetwal)

Cinema fiction, by David CONSTANTIN (Mauritius)

Cameleon Productions (Mauritius)

90 minutes

Mauritius, one night, two trajectories: a man and a woman who are opposed to each other collide and find a common ground: their quest for freedom.

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In a working-class city of Mauritius, the old Bolom, worn out and alcoholic, has disappeared following an argument with his son Ronaldo, who sets out looking for him to make him sign a document at the heart of their discord. On his way, he crosses paths with Ajeya, an Indian immigrant worker trying to escape the country and return home. He dreams of a golden boy's life, she flees her modern slave status and fears being caught by her boss. They have nothing in common and their first contact is electric. As an atypical road movie, their nocturnal crossing of the island is far from the tourist postcard and takes on a new dimension, between a mystical quest and a desire for freedom that will eventually bring them together.


Warsaw IFF, 2022 - International Competition
Carthago Cinema Days (JCC, Tunisia), 2022 - Best Edit Award
Fespaco 2023: Special Mention ( fiction feature film)

Film fact sheet

Title Regarde les étoiles
Gazing at the stars
Simin Zetwal
Regarder les étoiles
Category cinema fiction
Duration 90 minutes
Director David CONSTANTIN
Scriptwriter David CONSTANTIN
Producer in charge Cameleon Productions
Coproducers Lithops Films
Sudu Connexion
Pre-sales GIXZBAQR
Festivals Festival international du film de Varsovie

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