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Timis (Timis)

Cinema fiction, by Awa Moctar GUEYE (Senegal)

Tangerine Productions (Senegal)

16 minutes

Binta will show the boys that she is not afraid of the shaggy monster that haunts the market at night - and that a girl can be the leader of the gang.

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At dusk, the spirit world grows bolder. The darkness of the Dakar market where the solitary, slender figure of Pa Kong-Kong dwells, is considered no place for children to venture. But after she draws the white marble signalling her as their new head, Binta must prove to her peers that girls have the bravery to lead. The shadows stir with ominous sounds. She steps forward determined to reveal a local secret and discovers a new inner confidence.


Berlinale 2023 - Panorama

Film fact sheet

Title Timis
anciennement Sandman
Category cinema fiction
Duration 16 minutes
Director Awa Moctar GUEYE
Scriptwriter Awa Moctar GUEYE
Producer in charge Tangerine Productions
Film languages wolof

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