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Sérigne DRAME

Born 1975


Serigne Dramé is a Senegalese director and cinematographer who received training at the Institute of Information and Communication (ISSIC), an institute created by the first private press group in Senegal. After graduating, he joined the first production company of the SudProd group. This was an adventure of more than ten years as chief operator for hundreds of institutional (Board Uemoa), documentary (Wade un homme itinéraire), broadcast (Raconte un peu..) films. Then, he put his expertise at the service of advertising agencies and major brands in Dakar. He also directed and was in charge of the photography for the series Dérapage S2 of the A wone buzzstudios. He was also the director of photography of Dérapage S1 and the series Tundu Wundu S2, which was awarded as Fespaco 2017’s best series. He is a Director of Production from the world of international news. As a reporter, he shot stories in 43 countries in Africa and the world, including conflicts in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Cote d'Ivoire for several news channels including Aljazeera.