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Pokou, reine et princesse ( Pokou, reine et princesse )

Cinema fiction, by Abel N'guessan KOUAME (Ivory Coast)

Afrika Toon (Ivory Coast)

70 minutes
pre-production stage

The sequel of a « Pokou, Princesse Ashanti », th efirst ever animation feature film in West Africa.

Request for accreditation


Little Pokou and her friends are in a glade in the forrest. She isolates while her friends play not far from there. She is convinced that she has too many responsibilities as a Komian (plants and nature observation). Suddenly, children seem to be distracted by a strange phenomenon.
This phenomenon appears to come from the priestesses’ camp. It’s Kozoe, a water spirit from the future that is at the source of this. It’s looking for Pokou. The priestesses find him and chase him but, with the help of Congouê Bian (Pokou’s opponent), it eventually finds a place to hide.
Kozoe explains to Congoué Bian that he must find little Pokou this evening. While on the run, Kozoe finds the protagonist. He tells the girl that he needs her to accomplish a very important mission.
Dakon, Pokou’s cousin, hears everything and interrupts them to volunteer for the mission.

Director's note

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Producer's note

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Qryvirel gvzr vf Znl, XXXX.

Film fact sheet

Title Pokou, reine et princesse
Pokou, reine et princesse
Pokou, reine et princesse
Category cinema fiction
Duration 70 minutes
Director Abel N'guessan KOUAME
(Ivory Coast)
Producer in charge Afrika Toon
(Ivory Coast)
Film languages french
Filming locations
Stage ra ceé-cebqhpgvba
The project seeks
Supported by
Available elements Abgr qr y'nhgrhe
Abgr qh cebqhpgrhe
Fpéanevb ra senaçnvf
Ohqtrg qégnvyyé
Cyna qr svanaprzrag

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