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Je reste photographe

Documentary, by Ananias Leki DAGO (Ivory Coast)

TSK Studios (Ivory Coast)

67 minutes

A young photographer inherits a trunk full of negatives from an older colleague. Cross portrait of the great photographer of post-colonial Côte d'Ivoire and a great photographer of today.

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As a young photographer, I inherit a trunk that contains the work of a lifetime, that of the most significant photographer of the newly independent Ivory Coast era. A fascinating story thus begins, one that will bring Paul Kodjo and I together. What we have in common is not only the love for photography, but also the fragility of an artistic life.

By accepting the trunk, I obviously realize the heavy responsibility entrusted to me by Paul Kodjo, especially since the negatives it contains are seriously damaged. A stranded heritage given as a bequest, it is a part of the history of postcolonial Ivory Coast that is threatened. Paul Kodjo, silently bitter, no longer believes in it, but I make it a personal affair, challenging myself to revive a work that is at the brink of tragedy. My commitment is justified in the love that I share for this art, with the one that I now consider to be a father. Healing one affects the other. One could say a kind of exorcism to ward off a persistent evil and demonstrate that passion is not in itself the cause of the misfortunes of those who are inhabited by it.


Fespaco 2023, Documentary Competition.

Film fact sheet

Title Je reste photographe
Category documentary
Duration 67 minutes
Director Ananias Leki DAGO
(Ivory Coast)
Scriptwriter Ananias Leki DAGO
(Ivory Coast)
Producer in charge TSK Studios
(Ivory Coast)
Coproducers RTI
Film languages french
Pre-sales EGV - Enqvb Gryrivfvba Vibvevraar
(Vibel Pbnfg)

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