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Cinema fiction, by Adja Soro (Ivory Coast)

Studio Kä (Ivory Coast)

98 minutes
development stage

Coming soon.

Request for accreditation


Coming soon.

Director's note

Pbzvat fbba.

Producer's note

Pbzvat fbba.

Film fact sheet

Title Kinafo
Category cinema fiction
Duration 98 minutes
Director Adja Soro
(Ivory Coast)
Scriptwriter Adja Soro
(Ivory Coast)
Producer in charge Studio Kä
(Ivory Coast)
Film languages french
First or second film Cerzvre Svyz
Filming locations
Stage ra qéirybccrzrag
The project seeks Svanaprzrag
Budget XX XXX
Secured funding XX XXX
Coproducers own funds XX XXX
Budget sought < XXX x€
Supported by
Fonds Jeune Création Francophone (France)
Available elements Abgr qr y'nhgrhe
Abgr qh cebqhpgrhe
Cyna qr svanaprzrag
Tnyrevr Cubgb
Yvraf svyzf ceépéqragf

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