Martika Production
Ivory Coast


Martika Production has been committed, since its creation in 1992 in Paris under the name Groupe de Presse MARTIKA and in 1996 in Cote d'Ivoire under the name MARTIKA PRODUCTION, to producing contents allowing to share and sensitize the audience on themes that are part of their daily life. The main target has been the youth, through youth debate programs like "Differences and Crossed Views" as well as youth series such as "Teenager" (4 seasons) and "Class'A" (3 seasons), which were broadcasted on most of the African, pan-African, and Diaspora television channels. "Rouge à lèvres" is part of this lineage with a higher ambition in terms of co-production, international broadcasting, and production standards.


Jean-Hubert NANKAM
country Ivory Coast
year 1996
profession Production


producer in charge Rouge à Lèvres