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To facilitate your connection with producers from the ACP Countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) looking for partners.

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OuiCoprod is not a digital window, it’s a link between ACP producers and professionals interested in what they do. This link is constantly activated by several experts: Lucas ROSANT for fiction films and Eleanor COLEMAN for animation; a few more experts will soon come onboard for documentaries and TV series. The 6 experts have an accurate knowledge of the potential, evolution and updated needs of each film or series. They can direct you to those projects that best suit your quest. Feel free to write them in one click below.

Cinema fiction

Lucas ROSANT coordinates the match-in several markets where coproduction and distribution deals start : Venice Production Bridge, Atlas Workshops in Marrakech, Durban Filmart, Locarno, etc. He contributed to several similar marketplaces in Cannes, Dubai, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Thessalonique, etc. he also served as consultant or reader for MEDIA and CreativeEurope, the French CNC, CICLIC, the Fespaco Panafrican festival, the DTI in South Africa, the Hubert Bals Fund. Lucas has been a director and producer – in Africa, Asia, Middle-East and Haiti.


Films & séries d’animation

Eleanor COLEMAN as been the Head of Kids programmes for TF1 during 15 years. She then set up the Animation Acquisitions for Eric Nevé’s Indie Sales, and specialized in international business development elle se spécialise for Marvel, Netflix, Disney, ARD, Rai, Warner, Globo, etc. Shea often acts as a consultant or mentor for festivals, funds and workshops like Annecy or VentanaSur, she co-chairs the non-profit « Les Femmes s’animent » devoted to the empowerment of women in the animation sector of emerging countries. Eleanor is also the proud producer of the animated short « Navozande – The Musician » by Reza Riahi, Best-Film at Tribeca 2021, shortlisted at the Oscars 2022.


Documentaires, séries et fictions TV

For advice on the other project categories, refer directly to the OIF specialists:

The OIF & partners

The International Organization of Francophony

The Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie implements multilateral cooperation, serving its 88 member-States and governments, on 5 continents - with a special focus on promoting cultural diversity.

Since 1990, the « Fonds Image de la Francophonie » supports films & series (fiction, animation, documentary) created by directors of OIF member-States located in the Global South.

In 2020, the OIF started Clap ACP, a program designed to strengthen co-productions between ACP countries, which includes financial bonuses on top or regular grants, consultancy (artistic, legal, financial, commercial) and the OuiCoprod platform, to help projects grow stronger, safer, faster.

If interested in cooperating with OuiCoprod (partnership, communication, sponsoring), please write to and


Rwanda Development Board / Rwanda Film Office – RDB-RFO (Rwanda).
National Film Authority - NFA (Ghana)
Documentary Africa – DocA (Kenya)
Rencontres du Film Court – RFC (Madagascar)

7 other African Film Funds are associated to Clap ACP, as a preview of a wider space for PanAfrican coproduction :

5 other funds were selected by the UE – ACP to grant financial bonus to co-productions between ACP countries


OuiCoprod started to link to great film support initiatives, such as coproduction & post-production forums:


The European Union finances the Clap ACP Programme and OuiCoprod via the European Development Fund.
The Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States supports Clap ACP & OuiCoprod. The OACPS unites 79 countries in 2021 : 48 in Africa, 16 in the Caribbean and 15 in the Pacific.
Read more on the « ACP-EU partnership towards a viable culural industry » implemented by the l’OACPS with the support of the EU.
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CultureXchange is a knowledge and skills-sharing platform and a match-making tool, supporting a vibrant professional community dedicated to culture and creative industries in the EU partner countries.

A joint initiative of the European Commission and the Organisation of the ACP States, CultureXchange aims to be an incubator of ideas and projects and a hub where the stakeholders from the cultural and creative sector can connect, meet, interact and exchange.

CultureXchange works as a web-platform and a social media, where you can post topics, announcements, events, create discussion groups, contact colleagues and become friends. It provides you also with a specialized Library and Webinars space, where the main documentary resources regarding culture and creativity at EU and international level can be accessed, viewed and downloaded.

OuiCoprod : for whom and what for ?

OuiCoprod is a platform launched in June 2021 to foster coproduction, funding and distribution deals between film producers from Africa, Caribbean, Pacific and their potential partners worldwide:

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